いろは出版 | Ta Bird Booksシリーズ出版

Ta Bird Books 鳥のように世界を旅するパラパラPHOTOブックシリーズ / いろは出版




"Ta Bird Books -Photo Flip Book series-"
Ryosei & Satoko Suzuki has traveled around the world like a couple of birds. They are uploading a journal video every day during their travels. Ta Bird Books is a series of photo flip books on world's most scenic places, based on time lapse movies by them. This third volume will take you to Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia, the largest salt flatland in southeast Bolivia. In the wet season rain covers the flatland with a thin layer of water, which turns it to the largest mirror in the world. By flipping through this book you can be in the middle of a miracle landscape, where you see the sky both over and under yourself! And in the night stars are falling both from above your head and from under your feet... it is just amazing. There is a comic illustration on the other side of each page and you can enjoy a small story by flipping them on the opposite side.