On the way to Nubian pyramids @Sudan


It was the day I come to like Sudan. A long day. We left Khartoum for the Northeast town, Atbarah, right after sunrise, arrived there before noon, found a place to stay and checked in. And then we went to the police station to apply for residency permit which turned out to be unnecessary after a short discussion among the officers, and then back to the hotel and get ready for the Nubian pyramids. While surprisingly quick things got done, we were already on the way to the monument valley 150km southward by buss. Because of the miscommunication with the buss driver which almost caused us passing through the site, we had to jump off in front of the pyramids. Walking on a dessert road, we found two camels and jumped on them. It was after we arrived that there was only a half an hour left for us to wander around in order to catch the way back to Atbara. Although we gave up to go inside, tried to put ourselves in an ancient mood by just looking through the fence and took the camel ride back to the street, a buss just didn't come. In fear of being left alone here, my wife started waving at every automobile passed by. And luckily, we succeeded our first hitchhiking and got a huge trailer which transferring containers full of lubber to export to the US. Inside the slow vehicle that goes 40km, we talked about the world situation and Sudan economy and exchange presents. After a couple of hours we finally arrived Atbara. The driver introduced us his uncle and gave us a hug. At the hotel, the guy at the reception was nicely surprised that we actually made back and made us a welcome BBQ lamb. Having the lamb and looking back, it was a long long day indeed. So many things happened and so many people helped us overcome each difficulties. I seriously felt desolated when we said goodbye to the driver. It was a memorable and joyful day.