Campfire in Sani Lodge @South Africa


When I was in high-school, I got caught by police for setting fire in the park near my house. The angry policeman told me that they would let me go if I frankly give them my name and address in addition to my school's without reporting my parents and teachers. Then of course the next day, my parents and teachers knew what happened. There are surprisingly few camp sites around Tokyo where direct bonfire is allowed. After all we had to climb up a mountain to have a drink around the fire. Knowing the danger of it all, human lives had stronger connection to fire. I felt quite regulated and sad. Anyways, I am here in Africa, where everyone set fire everywhere in South Africa or in any other nation. Firewoods are available at any supermarket. People set fire to cook at home. To save the gas canister, we gather woods and burn them to boil pasta. These days I feel I have a better control of fire. I like it.

translated by Mizue Kawamura