The Malealea Loage @Lesotho


We have camped quite a lot since we came to Africa. In Southern African countries, accommodation is unexpectedly high. Camping fee par tent is around $8, as much as a double-bed room cost in Morocco. Staying at a room is like 30 to 40 USD, definitely not affordable for us. Therefore, we stay the cheapest way, camping. However, it turned out to be much more comfortable and fun than we expected. We get to live in a completely private area and in good health from staying outside which makes our bedtime early. Probably because there are many American and European tourists, the facilities are well prepared. Here at the Malealea Lodge, they have a large kitchen space and good camp sites with hot shower. Electricity is poor and available only for a few hours with home generation but because of that we get see tons of stars above at night.

translated by Mizue Kawamura