Beyond the Border @Zambia


We left Zambia after only two days! and entered Zimbabwe.
In fact, Japanese citizenship is quite handy for traveling. There were moments I felt lucky being Japanese when I could go nation to nation without visa. Americans whined about their citizenship that often times they are required to pay a lot of money for entry visas. Yes, we are lucky indeed. However, there are nations require Japanese of entry visas. Many of the mid-African nations charge a lot as a source of foreign currency revenue and Zambia is one of them. We paid 50 USD for entering Zambia just to pass through... way too expensive for just 2 days stay though there was no other way. Also, we had to pay 30 USD to enter the next nation, Zimbabwe. It is almost harsh for us staying under 10 USD a night. There was almost no visas needed in South America.Don't charge for just passing through, damn it.

translated by Mizue Kawamura