Drinking Water @Malawi


Making fire is fun and all, we figured that it is painfully time consuming as everyday routine. Here, people drink water from the lake. At motels, they use filter to get rid of all the dirt and sanitizer to kill germs for guests. However, going through a terrible nightmare at the lake in Guatemala, we are strictly alerted to boil the water again before drinking. Since we need a good amount of drinking water under this hot weather, boiling process takes up so much of our time. Picking up wood pieces, going to buy at people's houses or even cooking for ourselves takes time as well. It makes me realize that my island life is occupied so much by such a fire routine! For local mothers, above all the housework, they work at the fields all day. Modern invention such as gas stove to boil a kettle full of water in 10 minutes is indeed consequential. Now I know. I used to think that the convenience was giving us way too much spare time but without it, we have no time. The island taught me the logic of accelerating innovation.

translated by Mizue Kawamura