Keep on Movin' @Zimbabwe


The Pakistani who was fluent in Japanese whom I came across said that Republic of South Africa is the African United States of America. That may sound awkward but felt clear to me when I came back from a trip around Southern Africa to the capital, Pretoria looking around the urbanized town. This country is the economic center of South Africa; their currency rand is good and circulated around the neighbor countries, there are refugees from the other African countries, and Indians and Chinese immigrants, and they all come in and out living, earning and stealing. Compared to the neighbor countries, they are mcuh more urbane and advanced, influential and powerful. The Japanese fluent Pakistani lived in Japan for several decades, emigrated to this country for business chance and child raise. It came all reasonable to me after I actually visited that this is the next World Cup host country. And Pretoria is clean.

translated by Mizue Kawamura