ジンバブエの夜行列車 朝

A Railway Journey Morning @Zimbabwe


The train ran through the night across the savanna. We were still crossing the savannas when we woke up. It made a few stops at places like village or station, while going all the way over the savanna. We were so relaxed sleeping in a safe locked private compartment, drinking morning coffee and watching ladies with laughter on a dinning car. It was just a super comfortable railway transportation. Although the train was scheduled to leave Victoria Falls at 7PM and arrive 9AM the next morning, it actually took off more than an hour late and arrived at 2PM the next day. The delay was caused by the maintenance of the diesel engine that pulls the passenger cars. We thought we had a bad luck before we heard from the Dutch travelers we reunited in Bulawayo that it took them 29 hours for an uncertain reason. Holly Cow.

translated by Mizue Kawamura