Victoria Falls in Dry season @Zimbabwe


One of the world's top 3 biggest waterfalls, our last visit is the Victoria Falls. Right now it's in the middle of dry season and the amount of water that runs down the fall is so much smaller than we expected. It's like 1/10th of what we see in the picture in the guide book. I would definitely recommend to come during the rainy season. However here are some of my constructive points of dry falls. You don't get wet. The basin is so obvious. You don't bump to other people. You also get a feel of cliffs. You save your time. You get to see the flowers and greens. My wife seemed so excited because of negative ion. Besides, there are view points on both sides, from Zambia and from Zimbabwe. I would strongly recommend not to see from the Zambia side during the dry season. It is so small that you may survive from performing water ablutions by the fall.

translated by Mizue Kawamura