Meet the Elephants @Zimbabwe


Later, we heard from an angry guide we met in the forest that there are lions in the national park. Besides, humans are not capable of running away from mad elephants. Above all that, we were still so excited walking into the forest to see the elephants, got off the bed even earlier and took off. However, shit after shit we walked by, there were no elephants alive we could observe. After all, we decided to get a help from the local people at the souvenir shop. It was amazing how attentive they catch walking elephants in the forest. The elephants were so gorgeous even looking through the bush and as we got closer, the elephants were so intimidated that the serious look in the guide's face was even more impressive. Regardless, it was sooooooooo much fun!!!!!
For your information, it seems pretty dangerous going in there since there are crocodiles and all kinds of wild animals even though it is not out of bounds. Do not catch elephants with flipping ears. If you do, sorry but it is too late.

translated by Mizue Kawamura